5 Best Fake Eyelashes For Cheer – Common Questions Answered

Appearance is vital for cheerleaders and is an inevitable part of public performance. As a cheerleader, you must always look prim and proper to present a graceful image while performing. Since cheerleading is a sport that heavily relies upon visual aesthetics, the performers need to be careful about appearance, apart from putting up a spectacular show for the audience.

What are the best fake eyelashes for cheer? Making your eyes look fuller, Ardell Fashion Lashes is surely the best natural-looking fake eyelashes for cheerleading. However, you need to know which kind of fake eyelashes you need. Read on to know more.

As a cheer girl, your hair should be neatly tied up, and your makeup should make you look bright and glowing to the audience having their eyes on you. An essential part of the facial makeup for any performance is eye makeup.

While liner makes your eyes stand out and look well-defined, a good coat of mascara makes your eyes even more prominent and attractive. A good eye-makeup can lift your face and enhance your beauty to the crowd during the performance. But, there’s something more than a mascara that can work wonders for your face.

Yes, you have guessed it right. False eyelashes are a secret addition to a cheer girl’s makeup that makes her stand out prettily. Let’s guide you through all the possible questions you have regarding false lashes for a cheer performance. It’s your right to look the best for your performance and auditions, and here’s why you must choose the most natural-looking false eyelashes to enhance your facial beauty.

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Why Fake Eyelashes Are Required For Cheerleaders?

Most cheer girls ask, “Do I need fake eyelashes for the auditions and performances?” Yes, if you are performing for NBL or NFL, or any other professional cheerleading event, wearing false lashes will further enhance your eye makeup.

Fake eyelashes help to define your eyes from a distance, add a special touch to your daytime photos, and are the one thing that completes your audition photos. During the preliminary auditions, wearing fuller and thicker eyelashes makes you more noticeable and presentable when the judges look at you from a distance.

Similarly, when the judges look at you from close quarters during a close interview round, you may wear thinner eyelashes to look more natural.

Fake eyelashes, if chosen correctly, can highlight the best part of your face. Round eyes look best with long, winged lashes, while deep-set eyes look better when you adorn them with heavy, dramatic lashes.

You must also remember that they also make you look brighter and lend a glamorous touch while you perform outdoors in bright natural light or indoors under heavy lights. While you smile and express yourself during your moves and stunts, your face should be highlighted to enhance your most beautiful features.

Fake eyelashes are just one of the ways to add a simple and yet, unfailingly wonderful magic touch to your look.

Does Crying Ruin Fake Eyelashes – Different Types?

Performing publicly or in a competition can sometimes bring on the waterworks in an emotional moment of success. It’s common to be prepared for such circumstances where you may have to cry some tears of joy. But, one of the major concerns after wearing false lashes is whether tears may ruin them or cause them to fall off.

Whether you can cry or not depends on the type of false eyelashes, you have on your eyes. Fake eyelashes can be of two kinds. Lash extensions are a more durable option and can stay up to six weeks once you cure them.

Lash extensions are waterproof and help you to go about your daily activities without any problem. On the other hand, false eyelashes that are stuck over your natural lashes with lash glue are good for only a few hours and can be used a couple of times before they lose their adhesiveness.

If you have opted for glued eyelashes, it’s necessary to be careful with them if you are crying. Cheap false eyelashes are likely to fall off or get ruined if you shed tears. Waterproof lash glue from a professional and trusted brand like Ardell helps to keep your lashes on even after the tears.

But, if you have chosen lash extensions, you may cry as much as you want without worrying about the water-resistant lashes. They are similar to your natural lashes and won’t get affected by tears.

However, take care to avoid crying during the cure period, which lasts nearly a day. Crying during the cure period can spread the glue, cause eye irritation, and prevent the extensions from bonding with your natural lashes.

Best Fake Eyelashes For Cheer

With a lot of cheer fake eyelashes available on the market, choosing one can be a daunting task. Here I have recommended 5 such items, after taking feedback from actual cheerleaders and athletes, who need to use them on a regular basis. I hope you find these useful.

1.    Ardell Fashion Lashes

Ardell Fashion Lashes are the best option if you want natural-looking eyelashes for a soft but prominent look. They make your eyes look fuller without making them appear artificial. They lend a soft and natural look of fuller and more beautiful lashes. These lashes are permanently curled to the perfect amount and give you the most desirable look you have always wanted.

The best thing about Ardell Fashion Lashes is that they are waterproof and easy to apply. They stick easily on your upper lid but fix better and longer for cheerleaders when applied with lash glue.

Since cheerleading is about intense performance and you need to have your makeup on for long hours, fixing them with lash glue is a better idea. They are quite popular among professional cheerleaders, models, and makeup artists for the perfect fit and a glamorous look.

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2.    Ardell Demi Wispies False Lashes

Another superb choice for false eyelashes again features from Ardell. The Demi Wispies False Lashes are a favorite among makeup artists. These are your go-to lashes to add a natural-looking flair to your eyes while still doubling up the volume. 

The best thing about Demi Wispies is that these faux minx hair lashes are flared with longer ends and shorter inner corners for a demure look that makes your eyes pop. The criss-cross design gives it the subtle finish you see after putting them on.

It is easy to apply them without much hassle and disappears into the lash line to lend a seamless, natural look. They are also lightweight and are very comfortable to wear for long hours. These are surely the ones to look impressive every time you want your eyes to stand out in the best way. 

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3.    EMEDA False Eyelashes

Another subtle pair of lashes that can save you from an artificial, dolled-up look and make you appear naturally glamorous is the False Eyelashes by Emeda. These high-quality, premium-grade 3D false eyelashes are made of the thinnest fiber material to lend a natural flair to the eyes.

The transparent band seamlessly sits on your lids and makes the eyes look instantly pretty. The flared-out ends are just what you need for oodles of feminine charm. 

The EMEDA eyelashes are meant for daily use and are comfortable to wear and remove. You can have them on for long hours without feeling any irritation or discomfort. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for cheer girls wishing to add just the right bit of volume to their eyes.

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4.     Veleasha 5D Faux Mink Luxurious Volume Fluffy Natural False Eyelashes

The Veleasha 5D Faux Minx Luxurious False Eyelashes are the ones for those who love to have a dash of drama. Some girls are fond of some extra fluffy volume and dramatic eyelashes for a spectacular glamor under heavy lights during a performance.

Stand out with your bold and unmistakeably charming eyes with these voluminous false eyelashes that still manage to look quite natural. 

These are available in 7 styles, each of them long and dramatic. They have been specially made using imported, high-quality fiber material to make them as soft and natural as your real lashes. Veleasha promises superb quality, and these false eyelashes have thoroughly impressed everyone with their lightweight design and the volume they instantly add to the eyes.  

If you love long and big lashes, just go for the bold look and flaunt them. 

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5.    Eylure Texture False Lash

Eylure False Lashes are the ones to go for if you want the perfect combination of soft and natural lashes and drama. They have the best of both worlds and will leave you floored by the fantastic lusciousness. The amazing volume and the layered depth make you fall in love with them immediately.

However, despite the dramatic glamor they lend your eyes, they have a soft and natural look and are featherlight. Expect the right amount of wispy volume without weighing down your lids or feeling uncomfortable throughout a performance.

These are reusable, maintain shape, and come with lash glue for multiple uses. The band is transparent, and the lash glue dries quickly without leaving a trace.

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Final Thoughts

Do not stop at just looking pretty as a cheerleader. Take yourself from just beautiful to a wow moment! Let the eyes do the talking and bring out the best expressions while you perform like a pro. Add this special element to your eye makeup and see the magic happening. A pretty face and electrifying moves are always the best combinations.

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