Choose Your Best Cheer Backpack With This Exhaustive Guide

Cheerleading is not just about hours of practice, focus, dedication, and performing brilliantly to enthrall the audience. It is a lot about fashion as well. Fashion and convenience go hand in hand to comprise a cheerleader’s costume and accessories.

Here is everything you need to know about cheer backpacks, their importance, their necessity, and the best cheer backpacks in the market for your everyday convenience.

If you are in a hurry and want to decide quickly, I would like to help you with the choice right away. If you want to just buy the cheer backpack without much fuss and research, I would recommend this Chassé Glitter Cheer Backpack which would be easy on your pocket. However, if you think about the long term, Nfinity Black Sparkle Backpack is the obvious choice.

What is a cheer backpack?

Cheer backpacks are bags made especially for the needs of cheerleaders, making practice sessions more organized. Like every athlete or sportsperson, a cheerleader needs a kit to carry all the necessary stuff to the practice classes at school or gym and back home.

Cheer bags are designed with convenient compartments to store, organize and transport an athlete’s important items, right from clothing to shoes, beauty accessories, foods and liquids.

A cheer girl carries her hair bows, cheer shoes, water bottles, pompoms, makeup, etc., in a compact, trendy, and durable cheer backpack for her school practice sessions and high school or varsity competitions.

Why is a cheer backpack essential?

A cheer backpack keeps you prepared to hit the gym or your practice class conveniently without having to look around for things every time you go out.

You can keep cheerleading practice outfits like extra spankies or skirts, energy bars, water, energy drinks, and other essentials like face towels and pain-relieving sprays in the cheer backpack. It keeps everything accessible in the most stylish way. 

Some cheer backpacks come with shoe compartments, too, to help you carry your practice shoes while traveling. All sports brands keep stylish and trendy cheer backpacks with convenient compartments.

Apart from keeping you prepared as a cheerleader, backpacks are a fashion statement too, putting a finishing touch on your outfit. You can find them in the latest designs, and features and in a variety of trendy colors and patterns to match your cheer outfit.

Whenever you travel to your classes or a competition, you can join your team in perfect style. Choosing a fashionable backpack makes you stand out. Some of these even come with customizable options to put your name or the cheer team’s name and logo on it.

Cheer backpacks can be an awesome gift for a cheerleader as well. For other cheerleader team gifting options, you can check this article out, containing unique 15 gifting ideas.

Cheer Backpack Vs Duffle Bag For Travel

Cheer backpacks and duffel bags are the two usual options for cheerleaders to choose when they are on tour during an event. The right choice makes things easier and convenient for you while choosing the wrong type of bag can become frustrating. 

Duffel Bags


  • Large storage capacity for a long trip. 
  • The central opening makes it easy to pack and unpack. 


  • Difficult to carry after a few hours, especially if it is heavily packed. 
  • Lacks separate compartments for organizing items. 

Cheer Backpacks


  • Several compartments for easy organization of belongings. 
  • Secure closure system. 
  • Water bottle mesh compartment. 
  • Most backpacks have separate shoe compartments for ease of packing. 
  • Easy to carry around for long hours. Climbing stairs and rugged surfaces are not a problem. 


  • The capacity of most women’s backpacks is somewhat limited, and you may have to leave out a few things. It only lets you pack the important items. 

Therefore, the wise choice would be to go for cheer backpacks or choose large duffel bags with wheels or those that can be converted into a backpack for carrying. 

If you would like to get a duffle bag, I will recommend this REDCAMP 85L Foldable Duffle Bag with Wheels for your convenience.

Best Cheer Backpacks For all Price Points

You can do very well with simple, medium-sized cheer backpacks to store and organize all your essential items as a beginner. Check whether the backpack contains inner pockets to segregate the smaller items, an easy and secure closure system, bottle holder compartments, and outside pockets. Also, since it’s a cheer backpack, look for the peppiest options, too, because a cheerleader needs to be in style always. It should always match your cheer spirit.

Now, let us look at the best cheer backpacks that are available at various price points.

Best Cheer Backpack below $30

If you are on a tight budget and would like to buy your cheer backpack within $30, you can choose this simple yet convenient cheer backpack with drawstrings.

This is the most basic cheer backpack for any beginner cheerleader. The medium-sized drawstring pull closure backpack is all you need to be ready to cheer. It isn’t your standard backpack with several compartments or large enough for an overnight trip. The storage capacity is limited, and it doesn’t have fancy compartments for arranging your belongings. But, it is the perfect choice for teenage girls who need a small and compact backpack to pack a few essentials for their classes. As a beginner, it’s a great option if you wish to look cute and girly while heading for the class with your team.

Available in a wide selection of colors, these attractive cheer backpacks with captions like ‘Cheer Diva’, ‘Cheer Your Heart Out’, and ‘Cheer Squad’ can really make your day. Be cheer-ready always and join your team in style.

View cheer backpack with drawstrings on Amazon.


  • Made of 100% breathable cotton canvas fabric.
  • Large enough to carry snacks, bottles, pompoms, shoes, and towels.
  • One central compartment with a drawstring closure.
  • Available in a variety of bright colors.

Best Cheer backpack within $30 – $40

With an increase in the budget comes added advantages. In this price range, I recommend this Chassé Glitter Cheer Backpack.

Here’s a chance to look all pretty pink with the Chasse Pink Glitter Cheer Backpack. Its outlook should complement most cheer outfits and gel in very well with your entire look. Look fun, sassy, and girly with this glitter backpack that is a really cute option for teenage girls. The glitter design adds to the cheer spirit. On the whole, it is the most attractive way to travel for a cheerleader.


  • Made of durable 600 Denier polyester fabric.
  • Impressive storage capacity.
  • A central compartment for arranging the major items.
  • A smaller front compartment and a bottom compartment for easy access to smaller things.
  • Secure zip closure system.
  • Ring on the front to attach a bow or a bow holder.
  • Side mesh pockets to carry water bottles.
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort while traveling.

View Chassé Glitter Cheer Backpack on Amazon.

Best Cheer backpack within $40 – $50

In this budget, I recommend this Stylish Oversized Chassé Spotlight Glitter Cheerleading Backpack.

Glitter backpacks seem tailor-made to suit a cheerleader’s personality. They add liveliness to a teenage cheerleader who pays utmost attention to her flexibility and performance, along with her style. This bright blue glittery backpack can match any cheer outfit and go well with your other accessories without standing out as a misfit. This oversized backpack can meet all your traveling needs while complementing your cheer girl look to the tee. 


  • Durable polyester lining and 600 Denier polyester bottom and panels for long-term use. 
  • Made of non-transferrable glitter fabric. 
  • 4 compartments for easy and compact organization. 
  • 2 central compartments for bigger items, 1 smaller front compartment, and a tiny flap compartment on top for smaller items.
  • 2 separate water bottle holder mesh pockets. 
  • Cell phone pocket on the side for easy access. 

View Stylish Oversized Chassé Spotlight Glitter Cheerleading Backpack on Amazon.

Best Cheer Backpack within $50 – $80

In this budget, I recommend this Pink Classic Backpack with a white logo from Nfinity.

This cool and colorful cheer backpack is a must-have for a cheerleader. You can take it to your gym and practice classes or for a championship trip, packing all your essential belongings and cheer gear. The attractive appearance of the backpack is bound to garner attention, making you stand out from the rest in style. However, this stylish, multi-hued, sparkle backpack is not just about staying in fashion, but it also has a lot of utility. The large storage capacity and plenty of compartments help a cheerleader keep everything organized.


  • Thickly-padded shoulder straps for comfort while traveling and balancing the weight adequately.
  • Two bottle pockets on both sides for water bottles and energy drinks.
  • 4 compartments to arrange all your stuff according to size and ease of access.
  • Large central compartment to hold a shoebox
  • Padded laptop sleeve.
  • Front pouch for your cell phone and other smaller items to keep them handy.
  • Shimmering outer canvas fabric makes it lightweight.
  • The heavy-duty inner lining makes the backpack tough and durable for everyday use.

View Pink Classic Backpack with a white logo from Nfinity on Amazon.

Best Cheer backpack within $80 to $100

With this budget, you can get the best cheer backpack with all the awesome features that you will need for your cheerleading sessions. I recommend Nfinity Black Sparkle Backpack in this price range.

This bright and peppy purple cheer backpack from Nfinity is a good choice for any beginner cheerleader. You can use it for light purposes while going to the gym or your classes in style. The bright color and the non-transferrable sparkling body add the right touch to your overall personality as a cheerleader. It has the perfect amount of glamor and glitter that goes with your cheer costume. However, it is also as useful as its pretty appearance.


  • Large main compartment with a padded laptop sleeve. This compartment can hold a shoebox.
  • Three small compartments for arranging your belongings.
  • Two mesh bottle holders for your water bottle and energy drink flask.
  • Convenient grab handle on top.
  • Secure closure with adjustable side straps.
  • Lightweight design for easy carrying.

View Nfinity Black Sparkle Backpack on Amazon.

Best Cheer Backpacks With Shoe Compartment

When you need to travel for competitions as a cheerleader, you require slightly more things than your everyday essentials for hitting the gym or practice sessions. You may need to carry a few more practice outfits, beauty products, accessories, and shoes. For competitions, you need to carry at least two pairs of shoes at least.

If you are in doubt about choosing the best cheer shoe based on your specific requirements, you can check this exhaustive article on cheer shoes.

You must choose a bigger cheer backpack with a larger area and a separate shoe compartment to organize everything well for such purposes. Look for a backpack with a well-designed and spacious shoe compartment, a central compartment, and a few inner and outer pockets for smaller items.

These are the two backpacks that most professional cheerleaders have suggested if you want a cheer backpack at a reasonable cost, which has a separate show compartment.

1.    Kalesi Backpack with Shoe Compartment

This duffle bag for women works as a backpack too for easy carrying and convenience. The cool stars, moon, and galaxy prints on the black body make this an ideal choice for trendy cheer girls who like to travel and hit the gym in style. The size and features of the backpack make it suitable as a travel or gym bag with a shoe compartment. You can smartly organize all your stuff neatly inside before heading to a competition.


  • 1 front pocket, 1 main compartment, and 2 side pockets for carrying your bottle and umbrella.
  • 1 shoe compartment to fit standard women’s sports shoes.
  • 1 mesh pocket, 2 zip pockets, 1 notebook compartment, and 2 slots inside the main compartment to arrange clothes, cosmetics, toiletries, wallet, phones, and other essentials.
  • Waterproof exterior.
  • Scratch-resistant, durable fabric, which is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Thickly padded straps and back support to ease the burden.
  • 4 ways to carry the versatile gym bag.

View Kalesi Backpack with Shoe Compartment on Amazon.

2.    Shipe Sports/Cheer Backpack

The classy backpack with in a delicate pink color fits the standards to be a woman’s utility bag for gym and travel purposes. It combines style with usefulness to create the perfect choice to organize your things with ease. This multi-functional backpack serves well for cheerleaders’ traveling needs with its independent shoe compartment and spacious interiors. The best part is that you get myriads of color options to pick your favourite shade or match your cheer outfit.


  • Durable sports backpack with polyester lining.
  • Separate shoe compartment to fit standard sports shoes.
  • One large main compartment with three mesh pockets and one zipper pocket for organizing everything neatly.
  • Water-resistant exterior.
  • Foldable for compact storage inside a luggage bag.

View Shipe Sports/Cheer Backpack on Amazon.

What are cheer bows and how to keep them in place?

Cheer bows are the brightest accessories that make a performer look spirited and energetic during the show. The attractive bows sitting on their crowns deserve special attention as they are meant to add a dash of liveliness to the cheer costume.

Carrying the cheer bows is often a fashion statement for a cheer girl who wants to put them on display in her backpack. But, unless you know how to secure them properly, they will keep falling off, and you may even lose a few.

So, how do you keep cheer bows in place on your backpack?

The best way to do it is to use a bow holder, a long strip of a ribbon having loops to pass the bows through, or hook them with pins. When you are done, just attach the end of the bow holder to the bag’s central handle on top of the backpack.

The real trick lies in attaching the bows to the holder with zip ties, hook clips, safety pins, or looping them through in a fancy but secure way.

Cheer Backpack Bow Holder

A cheer backpack bow holder is readily available when you shop for accessories. For example, you can buy this ready-made Paracord cheer bow holder from Amazon. But, if you are on the creative side and want one customized for your needs, you can make one in about an hour.

This way, you can choose the color you need to complement your backpack, accommodate the number of bows you wish to hand and decorate it to your wish.

DIY video to make a cheer bow holder

Things you need:-

  • Wide ribbon
  • Second ribbon of medium width (lesser than the first one)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue or thread and needle
  • Zip tie
  • Stainless steel hooks

How to make it? :-

  • Take a wide ribbon of the color of your choice and lay it vertically.
  • Cut it up according to the length of the bow holder you are planning to attach to your backpack.
  • Take another ribbon of lesser width and hold it right at the head of the base ribbon.
  • Secure them both at the head with hot glue or by stitching them up.
  • Fold a length of the ribbon on top to create a loop through which your bow can pass through and stay securely in place.
  • Secure the loop by stitching or with glue.
  • Keep repeating the loops till the end of the base ribbon.
  • Fold the head of the bow holder slightly and paste it to create a small opening.
  • Pass a zip tie through the opening to attach it to the top strap of your backpack.
  • You may pass your bows through the loops or attach them to the loops securely using stainless steel hook clips.

Over to you

I hope that this article could help you make an informed choice about cheer backpacks. Choose a cheer backpack based on your requirements and your budget. There are obviously a lot of options available in the market today, jot down your requirements, see if those requirements are met, and choose according to your budget.