Best Nike Cheerleading Shoes that are Comfortable and Cheap

Cheerleading is a high-intensity sport that requires fast-paced activities like jumping, kicking, tumbling and stunts. A crucial part of the cheerleading gear is the shoes.

Like all other sports, cheerleading requires special shoes to aid in the movements and enhance performance. Different positions in the cheerleading squad require different types of shoes to carry out the movements seamlessly. Proper footwear is also essential to prevent injuries like sprains and muscle pains as well.

What is the best Nike cheerleading shoe? Nike Women’s Sideline IV Cheerleading Shoe is the best option that we have found after a thorough analysis. This durable shoe provides both stability and support that is very essential to perform. For other options read further.

Cheerleading shoes are designed keeping in mind the acrobatic movements performed over hours. They have unique features that make them different from other shoes or other sports shoes even. In this article, we shall guide you to understand how cheerleading shoes go a long way in enhancing your performance and limiting injuries and accidents.

Consider these factors to understand what features you should look for while buying a cheerleading shoe. Also, check out the best Nike footwear for cheerleaders that are cheap while being amazingly comfortable. Nike has always been a trustworthy brand for sportspersons, providing them with the best quality, essential gear for enhanced performance. In cheerleading shoes, too, Nike has got outstanding options to let you perform with ease. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Best Nike Cheerleading Shoes

These are the most well-crafted cheer shoes from Nike that are easy on the pocket too. 

1. Nike Women’s Sideline IV Cheerleading Shoe

This durable cheer shoe from Nike is designed for support and stability during the performance. The synthetic leather body and the mesh upper body give it a sturdy and comfortable build. The mesh upper ensures breathability, which is very important during the game. Uncomfortable shoes will make your feet sweat badly. The best thing about Nike’s Sideline cheerleading shoes is it is lightweight. You won’t feel heavy when you wear them and perform for long.

They are best for stunting because they prevent ankle rollover. The rubber outsole also has an excellent pivot point to facilitate traction on all surfaces. You can use them as an ideal practice shoe both indoors and outdoors. Also, the cushioned midsole enhances your comfort during the long hours of practice and performance. The only drawback is that they run a bit small, especially if you have wide feet. 

What’s best about them:

  • Perforations on the medial portion and the sides make the shoes breathable. 
  • The foreskin overlay on the mesh upper increases its durability. 
  • Comfortable fitting 
  • Affordable price
  • Cushioned and flexible midsole
  • Excellent traction by outsole

2. Nike Sideline III Youth Shoes

The Sideline III Youth Shoes are the exemplary cheerleading shoes that you need to have on your feet during the performance. The synthetic leather body is equipped with mesh upper for a breathable feel. They won’t make you feel uncomfortable during the hours of practice in all weather conditions.

The best features of the shoe are the double-lasted Phylon midsole, the internal flex grooves, and the rubber outsole. The flex grooves make the shoe ideal for flyers. The rubber outsole ensures slip-resistance and good traction outdoors. They enhance your moves no matter where you perform. 

What’s best about them:

  • Breathable mesh upper body
  • Interchangeable color inserts
  • Double-lasted Phylon midsole
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Internal flex grooves

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3. Nike Unite Cheer Shoes

The Unite Cheer Shoe from Nike is another all-purpose shoe designed for cheerleaders. You can use it on all surfaces for wonderful hours of practice. The flexibility and comfort it provides make it one of the best shoes for cheerleaders. The shoes are double-lasted, which makes them extremely durable and cost-effective.

This budget shoe is highly recommended for cheer girls because of its comfort level and strength. It is sturdy enough to withstand hours of intense practice. Moreover, they are flexible and agile due to the interior flex grooves to aid in the stunts and movements with ease. Lastly, they are equipped with well-gripping rubber soles to provide good traction on all surfaces, reducing the chances to slip and fall. 

What’s best about them:

  • Highly flexible shoes
  • Immense comfort
  • Excellent traction on all grounds
  • Double lasted midsole for extreme durability

4. Nike Cheer Scorpion Shoe

The Nike Cheer Scorpion Shoe is a breathable and flexible option for all cheerleaders. This versatile cheer shoe is one of the best ones available, giving you comfort, support, and stability, without costing a bomb. The breathable material keeps the feet cool during long hours of activity on the ground. It aids in stunting with its synthetic layer and back tab design.

They fit the feet perfectly well with the bubble laces that offer long-lasting security and do not slip off during the acrobatic moves. The bionic tooling in the design enhances your flexibility as a cheerleader, making it a wonderful choice. This is a shoe made for flyers, making you fly easily and perform your stunts. 

What’s best about them:

  • Sturdy build
  • Lightweight 
  • Best designed for flyers
  • Provides great flexibility 
  • Breathable and comfortable material
  • Secure bubble laces
  • Seamless fit

5. Nike Stamina Cheer Shoes

Another competent cheer shoe from Nike is the Stamina Cheer Shoes. You get them in 4 stylish colors to match the costume of your squad. They have got a classic, retro look to add to your overall appearance as a cheerleader. These are extremely lightweight options for cheerleading competitions, giving you extra speed to perform those acrobatic moves faster.

The EVA midsole is responsible for the cushioning and comfort during the hours of performance. It absorbs the shocks and increases your ease to perform without pain and discomfort. The heel notch with a sculpted arch lessens the pressure and ensures superb support at every step. 

What’s best about them:

  • Retro style looks
  • Range of colors
  • Lightweight
  • Provides extra speed and flexibility 
  • Cushioned EVA wedge midsole
  • Sculpted arch and heel notch
  • Best competition shoes

Features To Look For In The Best Cheerleading Shoes

We tried to list out some of the most popular and well-admired cheer shoes from Nike that do a great job in assisting you in your movements. However, when you are looking for cheer shoes, there are some of the areas you need to look into in order to make the best choice. Also, make sure that you choose a shoe based on the position you are assigned in the cheer squad. A flyer has different requirements than a spotter or the base position. The shoes must aid and support the kind of movements you are required to do at your position.

Slip Resistance

It is not uncommon for cheer girls to slip and fall during a performance. Traction is essential in any form of sports, and cheerleading is no exception. If your feet do not grip the ground while you perform, you are more likely to slip and lose your balance. Choose shoes with superb traction on all surfaces to perform your moves confidently on all grounds. It gives you stability and support, keeping you on your feet always. 

Lace Locking

Cheer shoes must be securely locked with laces to provide proper support during the performance. Even the best shoes will fail you if they do not fit properly. The shoelaces keep them secure while you perform the quick acrobatic movements, and do not let the shoes come loose or slip out. 

Mesh Upper

The instep is the portion of the shoe on top that stretches from the toes to the ankle. Usually, this upper body should have mesh covering to ensure breathability. Cheerleaders find it uncomfortable when they practice or perform for long hours if the shoes are quite hot.

EVA Midsole

EVA cushioned midsole is of utmost importance to a cheerleader. it cushions the foot and absorbs the shocks sent by the ground. It is essential to prevent pains, sprains, and other injuries due to long hours of intense practice. You won’t be able to perform with comfort if the footbed is not cushioned and padded enough. 

Finger Grooves

Flyers must choose shoes with finger grooves to aid the person at the base to grab the foot better during a stunt. These shoes are designed especially for this action and are a must-have for those at the flyer position. 

Ankle Height

Some cheer shoes are ankle-length, while some of them reach above the ankle. The latter category is best suited for cheerleaders who need to perform tumbling tricks. It provides greater stability to the ankle to minimize risks and injuries. 

Indoor or Outdoor Shoes

When you are buying cheerleading shoes for practice, check the surface they are meant to be used on. Indoor shoes are designed for mats and have different treads than outdoor shoes. Outdoor practice shoes have more tread for better traction on grass. Some shoes have treads that work well on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. 


The most important feature of cheer shoes is their durability. To avoid investing money in new cheer shoes every few months, get a highly durable one that is sturdy enough to endure long hours of intense activities. Cheer shoes suffer more wear and tear because of the high-intensity movements on the ground. Keep separate pairs for practice and competition. Practice shoes should have the best durability rating to support you throughout for months.

Practice or Competiton

You must select the shoes based on the purpose you are choosing them for. You cannot use the same shoes for both the practice and the competition. Even for the field and the sidelines, you need separate shoes. Competition shoes are more flexible and lightweight than field or practice shoes, which are heavier and are designed to withstand rough use. Competition shoes tend to be less durable because of their lightweight feature. 

Final Words

Buying the first cheer shoe can be tricky and challenging because you need to consider a lot of factors, including the budget. The next time when you purchase, you know what size would suit your feet the best, the pros and cons of the shoes, and the areas you need to focus more on to enhance your comfort. It takes a bit of time, experimentation, and reflection to zero in on the best.

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