5 Best High School Cheer Teams In Texas That You Can Join

Universal Cheerleaders Association produces National High School Cheerleading Championship every year, along with the National Dance Team Championship. High school varsity teams showcasing the best cheerleaders and dancers compete to become the toppers. In the field of competitive cheerleading, high schools in Texas focus on building the strongest teams, and the result is often spectacular.

What are the 5 best high school cheer teams in Texas? Liberty Christian High School is surely the best with being the winner in the Super Varsity Game Day Division II. West Lake High School, New Braunfels High School, Lewisville High School, Bastrop High School are the next best ones. To know in detail about each one of them, read this full article.

Cheerleading is an intense and energetic form of sport, including a combination of choreography and athletics. Hours of gruelling workout and practice go into perfecting the stunts, tumbles, and moves. Cheer girls have to work incredibly hard for weeks and months to sharpen their gymnastic skills and dance movements to make it to the top. On the whole, it is a wholesome process where young minds flourish, find their calling, and bloom brightly like flowers from being an average teenager.

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Here are 5 best high school cheerleading teams in Texas, known for their teamwork, skills, and thrilling performances.

Liberty Christian High School

The 2020 National High School Cheerleading Championship saw Liberty Christian High School, Texas emerge as the winner in the Super Varsity Game Day Division II. Liberty Christian School cheerleading team competed with the best of teams from all over the country in this prestigious championship organized by the UCA.

The team showed their superb athletic skills and created history by sweeping the first position among hundreds of private and public schools from all states in the USA.

Liberty Christian High School

The first-ever title of national champions has made the school proud of the efforts put in by the girls and how well they represented themselves.

Dedicated practice for months made them secure their entry to the greatest cheerleading platform. The Game Day Championship judged traditional cheerleading based on performance, dance, and skill. It took into account both the athleticism of a deserving team and its ability to entertain the crowd as in traditional cheerleading.

Liberty Christian High School cheerleading team also has the record of winning the first position for six years consecutively at the Texas Association of Private and Parochial School.

This is a reputed state championship, even though it has been held only for six years. But the best part is that the sole honor of being the prestigious champion for all these six years has been conferred on Liberty Christian High School’s cheerleaders.

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Westlake High School

Westlake High School cheerleading team won the first position at the Super Varsity Division I section of the National High School Cheerleading Championships, 2019. They had also earned the same title in this prestigious cheerleading championship event straight for two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014.

Indeed, it’s an honor for the team of young high school girls who made the victory possible with their skills. The cheerleading team represents the school’s athletic spirit, making the institution proud with several victories, including the title of the national champions. 

Westlake High School

Cheerleading at Westlake High School is a yearlong activity, requiring devotion and commitment from the student. The cheer squad sets the practice sessions as their priority, aiming at excellence throughout the activities. 

The school prioritizes timely and disciplined practice every week to prepare the team for cheer events and competitions. The goal has always been to build a strong team spirit that reflects in their performances across various platforms and events.

The consistent victories have been made possible by the team members’ undying efforts, upholding the team spirit and the utmost contribution of the coaches.

New Braunfels High School

New Braunfels High School is another very popular cheerleading team in Texas with fantastic spirit-raising and entertaining skills to boast of. In the UIL Spirit State Championships, they finished in the top 10, carving a name for themselves in the list of the best teams in Texas. They competed with 70 teams from the state and ended up among the top 10 teams.

New Braunfels cheerleaders put in several hours of practice to compete for the UIL Spirit, and their efforts have paid off. UIL evaluates the spirit-raising qualities of the teams instead of just focusing on competitive cheerleading and performance.

Along with hardcore stunts, UIL Spirit also judges the stamina and capability to energize the crowd. A few minutes on the mat were enough to speak of the hours spent perfecting their skills and moves.

New Braunfels High School

Coach Danielle Richter recounted after the school team made it to the top 10 in 2020 how the girls had put in hours of hard work to make it to the finals. The school couldn’t have been prouder of the superb team.

The teammates worked outstandingly hard for days, scheduling their practice hours before and after school to finish in the top 10. That was the only aim that drove them ahead during the gruelling practice sessions.

The journey has always been an upward movement for the New Braunfels team, who entered competitive cheerleading four years ago. The first year wasn’t much fruitful, except for that they gained knowledge and experience, which they used to make themselves more potent as a team.

In the second year, they improved immensely and slightly missed being in the Top 20. They finished in the 25th position that year. The third-year saw a steep rise in their efforts and achievements, making them finish at the 14th position this time. This was the first time they entered the Finals by their sheer dedication and fighting spirit.

Finally, in 2020, they hit the bull’s eye, making it to the Top 10 at the UIL, and finished 7th out of 70 teams.

The journey has been quite an achievement in itself, speaking volumes of how they advanced as a team and made a name for themselves. Undoubtedly, they deserve to be in the top 5 high school cheerleading teams of Texas. 

Lewisville High School

Lewisville High School cheerleading team emerged as the National Champions in the Large Varsity Coed Game Day in 2019. The team moved to Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, to compete with the best teams from all over the USA at the UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship.

It was no easy feat battling among the superbly talented teams from the country and bagging the winners’ trophy in the Large Varsity Coed Division.

 Coach Joi Cartmill had expressed happiness and pride for the team that worked relentlessly to make the historical victory possible. The cheerleaders worked towards perfection, concentrating on their athleticism and spirit.

Lewisville High School

They pushed their limits as high as they could to bring home the prestige of being the national champions. Giving in every inch of their efforts, the tireless hours of dedication and routine practice finally paid off.

Lewisville High School first competed at the national level in 1987, and since then, it has been the school’s tradition to always aim for the best in competitive cheerleading. The high school team practices throughout the year and is one of the Large Coed teams in the country, cheering at all kinds of events.

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Bastrop High School

February 2019 saw Bastrop High School cheerleading team enter national level competitive cheerleading for the first time. The squad finally got the chance to compete with the best teams from the country at the National High School Championship organized by the Universal Cheerleading Association at Florida.

The team grabbed the opportunity to perform on the national platform after bagging the fifth position at the regional level, competing with seven other teams. The team even organized a fundraiser to sponsor their cost of traveling to Florida for the national-level competition.

It hasn’t been long since the Bastrop High School cheerleading team has been in the picture, but they have already made a name for themselves in the best teams from Texas.

Bastrop High School

The team pushed their efforts to the highest level, practicing diligently in strenuous routines. The aim was to keep the crowd engaged and excited by seeing the team’s energy and skills. They have always lifted up the spirits of the school’s football and basketball teams, keeping the audience rooting for their favorites in the field.

Apart from encouraging the players and building team spirit for their school, they also doubled their efforts to compete at the national level. Their hard work paid off with their entry to the nationals, making them quite popular in the list of the best teams in Texas.

However, going to the finals became a financial problem for this high school team. Their enthusiasm and the rewarding achievement of making it to the national platform brought glory to the high school team.

Final Words

More and more high school teams compete in the National High School Cheerleading Championships every year, raising the bar.

It seems that the sky is the limit as we get to witness newer talents with increased enthusiasm, fighting tooth and nail, displaying spectacular athleticism and choreography. The two-week-long championships help the states showcase the high school gems.

Texas remains on the charts, with some of the top high school cheerleading teams up its sleeves. It’s an honor for Texas to showcase such unbelievable athletic talents from young high school students. The aim has always been to live up to the reputation, build a strong school spirit, and focus on improving choreography and techniques to be the best from the rest.

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