Best Cheer Shoes For Wide Feet That Fit The Way You Want

As a cheerleader there are only a few things that are going to impact your performance and your physical health quite as much as the kind of shoes you put on your feet both during practice and performance.

One of the over-arching problems that I saw my teammates face back in my cheerleading days was getting blisters and sores on their feet. Sometimes they ended up with even more serious feet issues, all due to wearing the wrong kind of cheer shoe.

What is the best cheer shoe for wide feet? After taking feedback from almost 25 professional cheerleaders we have chosen Nfinity Adult Evolution to be the best cheer shoes for wide feet. This shoe keeps your feet dry and gives a great fit. For other options do read the other shoes suggested in this article.

While sizing and quality of the shoe definitely matter, sometimes the problem runs deeper than that. More often than not, people don’t know what kind of shoes to buy for their feet. And it is mostly people with wide feet that end up facing the issues.

Well, all your problems are going to be solved today since I’m going to recommend some of the best cheer shoes for wide feet. But before that, we will discuss some FAQs that might help you better understand the issue at hand.

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Do I Have Narrow or Wide Feet?

Feet come in all shapes and sizes, much like our bodies. When it comes to cheer shoes something you will need to figure out is whether your feet are wide or narrow.

If you want an accurate measurement it’s best to trace your feet on a sheet of paper and measure the widest area of each foot along with the respective lengths. Then you can subtract 1/8th of an inch from the largest of either of these numbers between both feet to arrive at an average measurement of your foot width.

Now you can easily look up the shoe width measurement chart for men and women and figure out whether your feet width falls in the narrow or wide spectrum corresponding to your shoe size/length.

Men Shoe Width Chart

Women Shoe Width Chart

Another easy way to tell if your feet are narrow or wide is by the general feel of the shoes you wear. If your shoes always fit correctly lengthwise but leave space on the sides, you have narrow feet.

Conversely, if your feet feel suffocated or cased-in even in your accurate shoe size, instead of feeling comfortable, and you feel the need to size-up, you are likely to have wide feet.

How Do You Fix Wide Feet?

To be honest it is not something you can fix unless you choose to go for cosmetic foot surgery in case of extreme pain and discomfort. Since it is mostly caused by genetic factors there is no “fixing” what is natural.

However, in the case of flat arches investing in insoles is recommended. Insoles can help prevent flattening of the footbed and causing wider feet.

Are Cheer Shoes Supposed to Be Tight?

If you are asking this question after trying out some normal cheer shoes, you probably have wide feet. As mentioned before, for wide feet, shoes in your correct size would feel too tight. Ideally, a cheer shoe should fit snugly around your foot while allowing enough room around your toes for free movement.

There should be a minimum gap between your shoe tip and the end of your toes to allow growth, expansion and ventilation, as well as a firm grip of your heel to the shoe.

If you are wearing the right cheer shoe for your feet type, it should never cross your mind that you are even wearing any shoes.

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What Shoe Brands are Best for Wide Feet?

As a person with wide feet it is necessary to know which brands to go to when purchasing a pair of shoes. Not every brand will make the right kind of shoe for you. Here is a list of some that are known to make the best sports shoes for wide feet.

  • Adidas
  • Puma
  • Nike
  • New Balance
  • Brooks
  • Mizuno
  • Altra
  • Hoka
  • Asics
  • Skechers
  • Clarks
  • Brooks
  • Saucony

Keep in mind that this list is by no means all-encompassing since there might still be many lesser known brands that make fabulous sports shoes for wide feet. You can always explore and find out for yourself.

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Nike makes the best cheer shoes for all kinds of feet. In this article: Best Nike Cheerleading Shoes that are Comfortable and Cheap, I have given a comprehensive study of the best cheer shoes from Nike. Do read it and comment if you find it useful.

Best Cheer Shoes for Wide Feet that Fit the Way You Want

Since we are here to talk about cheer shoes for wide feet, it is only fitting that we start. Now that we know all the basics in this regard it would be easier for us to navigate the world of different kinds of cheer shoes. Let’s begin.

1. Nike Women’s Cheer Compete Training Shoes

Made by one of the most trusted and popular sports brands, the Nike Women’s Cheer Compete Training Shoe is made for wide feet. It is constructed out of a mesh synthetic fabric that allows your foot to breathe and prevents the suffocating feeling that is common with wide feet.

The rubber roles help with flat arches while the lace-up closure makes it easy to wear. All in all it addresses all the major concerns associated with wide feet.

View Nike Women’s Cheer Compete Training Shoes on Amazon.

2. Chassé Apex Cheerleading Shoes

The Chassé Apex Shoe is a sleek-profile youth and adult cheerleading shoe that has a textured surface and synthetic leather breathable mesh that allows a sweat-free experience while cheerleading.

It is made for low-profile and lightweight, easier stunts and jumps. The textured gripping panels, provide superior stunting control while the protective rubber outsoles stand up through tough routines. With durable bubble laces that stay tied and don’t wear out, your foot will always feel secure as you stunt, fly and cheer. However, you are advised to size up these since they tend to run small.

View Chassé Apex Cheerleading Shoes on Amazon.

3. Kaepa Stellarlyte Shoes

The Kaepa stellarlyte shoe is a dream for cheerleaders with wide feet. It’s dual-density EVA midsole provides lightweight cushion and comfort. The radiused midsole and outsole are present for stunt control. Its removable insole with arch support makes it easy for people with wide feet to insert orthopedic insoles if required.

It is made with lightweight materials and constructed flexibly, combined with sleek toe bumpers for unrestricted tumbling. Your feet are going to love this shoe.

View Kaepa Stellarlyte Shoes on Amazon.

4. Nfinity Adult Evolution

Cheerleaders with wide feet often recommend this one. The Nfinity Adult Evolution is made of 100% leather with feather-light bubble laces for an additional secure fit. Leather and sateen upper for superior support and breathability make sure your feet don’t feel cased in.

The ergonomically designed insole matches the contours under the foot for superior comfort, and provides arch support and enhanced cushioning which are essentials for wide feet.

The infinity forefoot presents a very natural fit on your toes. The impact area angle lock tech gives a very good heel fit thus preventing any injuries from any accident. This shoe is designed to meet the athlete’s performance needs at a cheer event.

View Nfinity Adult Evolution on Amazon.

5. Kaepa Youth Stellarlyte

This one too is a cheerleader’s favorite. The Kaepa Youth Stellarlyte is ideal for cheerleaders with wide feet. Its secure-fit system adjusts to arch height for better fit, comfort, and stability and helps with flat arches without the need for inserting any orthopedic insoles.

The injected EVA outsole has been formulated for tumbling and stunting on the specialized spring floor and blue mat surfaces. Its heel notch, as well as patented Finger Groovestm, are made to improve stunt control. And the Agiontm anti-microbial lining keeps the foot hygienic and comfortable during the most strenuous of routines. This shoe is recommended for indoor use only.

View Kaepa Youth Stellarlyte on Amazon.

6. Mfreely Cheer Shoes

These are hands down one of the softest cheer shoes out there. The Mfreely Cheer Shoes fit snugly around your foot, endowed with a spin pad for easier turning and enhanced durability. Its strikingly beautiful design, extremely lightweight, and breathable construction makes it a delight to wear.

These have comfortable walking flats and a non-slip rubber sole that conforms to the foot to create a secure feeling while tumbling. They have responsive cushioning for customized shock absorption. Its stylized design gives it versatility unlike any other. You can use these shoes for almost any daily activity.

View Mfreely Cheer Shoes on Amazon.

7. ASICS Women’s GEL-Cheer 6

Made by one of the best brands of cheerleading shoes in the market, the ASICS Women’s GEL-Cheer 6 is a competition mat shoe designed for cheerleading.

Its lightweight synthetic leather upper features a form-fitting design that creates a sock-like fit and feels that cushions your feet, while the arch panel provides added support and the heel cup adds stability and support. It provides comfort and protects wide feet like no other.

View ASICS Women’s GEL-Cheer 6 on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

With that, our discussion on cheer shoes for wide feet has come to a close. We have addressed all the probable questions that you might have in this matter and recommended seven great buying options for cheer shoes.

The shoes in the list above won’t disappoint you, and that’s a guarantee. I hope you have a good time cheerleading in one of these shoes.

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