Surprise Your Teammates with These 7 Cute Cheer Team Gifts

Being a cheerleader is no bed of roses and we all know that. It is a difficult life strewn with several injuries and both physical and mental strain. However, cheerleaders still choose to go through hell and back simply for the love of this sport. And such dedication and determination needs to be properly appreciated.

If you are a cheerleader yourself, then there might come several occasions throughout the year when you will need to gift something to your other cheerleader friends. Or you might want to give them something just to cheer them up when they’re having a tough time and need your support. As a cheerleader, finding gifts for my teammates was always a concern for me. In this article, I have tried my best to procure the best gifts for your cheerleading teammates, that will win their heart while also proving useful.

Here are examples of some examples of cute cheer team gifts: The gifts can be in the form or textiles as spandex shorts or sports bras. They can also be cute sneakers or stylish bags. Cheerleading accessories like pom pom, caps and visors can be good gifts as well. Please read the article to know about the 7 cute cheer gifts in detail.

How Do You Motivate Your Cheer Team

Despite having a positive attitude about people and events, a cheerleader who tries to cheer everyone can be down in the dumps themselves. And that can seriously affect their performance. Hence it is necessary that the people who surround cheerleaders respect and admire them like people and appreciate their skills and ability to inspire.

Some basic ways you can motivate your fellow cheer team members are by giving them compliments, using affirmative and motivational phrases, starting the practice with a spiritual thought, handing out awards for celebrating small achievements, giving them social media shout-outs, and so on. However nothing takes the cake for motivation like a personalized gift item.

What Every Cheerleader Needs

Cheerleaders are usually known for having trendy, cute and cool cheerleading uniforms, accessories, practice wear and props. However style is not the only concern for a cheerleader. It is imperative that cheerleading gear is practical and comfortable since cheerleaders often have to do many challenging stunts, tricks and dances. And flimsy cheer gear can’t withstand such strain.

After digging deep into both personal experience and online research I have found the most basic cheer gear requirements for any cheer team. And this list covers more than just clothes. Some essential apparel that cheerleaders need the most on a day to day basis that are both trendy and comfortable are as follows.

  • Spandex shorts
  • Sports bras
  • Sports shoes / cheerleading shoes
  • Bows
  • Cheerleading backpack
  • Pom poms
  • Hair ties
  • Cheerleading socks
  • Caps and visors
  • Warm up / cheer practice clothes
  • Megaphones
  • Sweat resistant deodorants
  • Waterproof make-up

What Should I Get My Cheerleader for Christmas

Let’s be real here. Everyone likes receiving Christmas presents, no matter your age or profession. Hence, there is no reason why your cheerleader friends wouldn’t absolutely adore a cute little Christmas gift from you. After all, it is the season of merry-making and the people who cheer everyone up all year round, shouldn’t be left out. Although it is completely up to you, as to what you want to get your cheerleader for Christmas, I have made a list of suggestions that can be a good starting point. Here are some awesome gift ideas that say “tis the season” like nothing else.

  • Christmas themed hoodie or sweatshirt
  • Seasonal sweaters
  • Red and green socks
  • Brand new cheer shoes
  • Backpacks with seasonal motifs
  • New practice clothes
  • Cute accessories
  • Santa Claus merchandise

You can check out this article which covers 15 budget cheerleader end-of-season gifts that will come easy on your pocket.

7 Cute Cheer Team Gifts – Personalized Ideas

Now that we have covered all the basics and you have a general idea of what your cheer team needs, it’s best not to waste anymore time and get straight into some personalized gift items.

1. Cheer Bracelet

A bracelet is hands down one of the safest things you can gift anybody. It is unisex and hence everyone can wear it. You don’t need to think much before buying this gift since you can’t go wrong with such a dainty, classic piece. A cheer bracelet with motivational motifs is even better. Instead of getting just one for your cheerleader friend, you can get one for yourself as well, and it can become something that connects you two.

Alternatively, you can get a bracelet each for all the members of your cheer team. This way a cheer bracelet can also serve as something that connects and unifies you as a team. Not to mention that, bracelets can be quite cheap and pocket-friendly. So this gift won’t break your bank, while making your cheer friends and teammates very happy.

I will recommend this budget Infinity Collection Runners/Cheerleading Bracelet from Amazon to best suit your purpose.

2. Water Bottle

This one is more on the practical side. A cheerleader is basically an athlete and if there is something that all athletes need it is water. There is nothing like a fresh drink of water after an exhausting training session or cheer event.

Your cheerleader friend will always be grateful if you gift them a nice, sturdy, leak-proof water bottle with an attached straw, that holds enough water and facilitates a spillage-free drinking experience. Although a good-quality water bottle can be pricey, it is still a comparatively cheaper gift option.

This Under Armour Sideline 64 Ounce Water Jug can be the best sturdy water bottle that you can gift a cheerleader.

3. Sweatpants

When it comes to comfortable and practical gift options, sweatpants take the cake. This is again, a unisex piece of clothing that anyone can wear irrespective of gender or age. Since sweatpants don’t restrict your movement, it is a smart purchase for any cheerleader.

Your cheer team can practice in a nice, comfy pair of sweatpants and also chill at home in them if they want to. It is hassle-free and can be worn anywhere, anytime. It is advisable to always go for sweatpants that are both high-quality and affordable.

4. Spandex Shorts

If you are a cheerleader yourself, it is a no-brainer that you require proper undergarments for any sports, especially cheerleading. With the risky stunts and exhausting exercises involved in this sport, it is absolutely essential that a cheerleader wears a pair of spandex shorts to prevent flashing or any case of chub rub.

It adds to the comfortability and confidence of the person. All you need to know for purchasing this gift, is their waist size, and you’re on your way to gifting them an extremely useful item.

5. Cheer Socks

Socks are a staple of any cheerleading outfit. They are both functional and cute. While keeping the cheerleader’s legs covered and warm, it also provides the necessary friction to keep the feet in place for the most difficult stunts and dances. Not to mention how adorable a nice pair of socks look.

This is a really cheap gift option and you can easily get a combo of multiple pairs of breathable socks in different colors, for your entire cheer team and make everyone happy.

6. Cheer Shoes

A cheerleader isn’t complete without a pair of squeaky white cheer shoes. Not to be confused with normal sports shoes. Cheer shoes are specifically made keeping the needs of cheerleading in concern. Without proper cheer shoes, a cheerleader’s feet can get damaged and start hurting.

However, with it your cheer team’s life will become much easier. Although these can be quite expensive, it is a good investment for any cheerleader.

If you decide on gifting a cheer shoe, you can check this article which covers cheer shoes in detail based on the cheer position and many other specifics.

7. Sports Bag

Cheerleaders often stay out all day for practice and events. This is why having a good quality, durable sports/duffel bag is absolutely essential for carrying all their belongings, including cheer uniform, shoes, change of clothes, medicines, accessories, props and so on.

A water-proof sports bag with enough compartments and space can be a life-saviour for a cheerleader. This can be quite expensive but if you gift this to your cheer team, they will love you for it.

Final Thoughts

With these exceptional gift ideas you’re all set for making your cheerleader very satisfied and happy. However, these are only suggestions and you would be the best judge of what your friend or teammate would like or need the most, since you know them personally. What is necessary is that you make those people feel special who cheer others up on a daily basis. This guide can prove to be a great starting point and I hope you are able to buy a great gift with its help.

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