Can Cheerleaders Have Belly Button Piercings?

Belly buttons look good and can enhance your fashion appeal. But are they safe for cheerleading and what are the rules regarding it? Let us know about this in this help article.

Can cheerleaders have belly button piercings? According to NFL rules, you are not allowed to have any jewelry pierced to your skin, including the belly button. This is mainly for the safety of you and your teammates. However after your piercing wound has healed, you can always take the piercing jewelry on and off as desired. Read the full article to know how!

can cheerleaders have belly button piercings

What are the cheerleading rules on belly buttons?

Belly buttons are unique pieces of jewelry that are pierced to the skin. Ranging from stones to rubber and metals, these are made pretty exquisitely. But unfortunately, according to NFL Cheerleading rules, any jewelry attached to the skin is not allowed. Know more about the cheerleading rules here.

In contrast, any kind of ornament attached to the costumes is most welcome on the field. Belly buttons are trendy amongst teenagers and cheerleaders, as it accentuates the belly and the overall look.

So, one way to go around it, being a cheerleader, one can tape up the belly button with a bandage or remove it while performing. Let us go over the pros and cons of belly button piercings to get an extensive idea about the possibilities and how to take proper precautions:

Cheerleading belly button piercings


  1. Well, you look good, and it boosts your self-confidence.
  2. If you are making this choice, you must have researched about it, and you are ready if you know you can handle the consequences.
  3. You can get studs or dangling sparkling pieces and embellish your belly just how you want.


  1. It will hurt and take a lot of time to heal.
  2. It needs to be taken care of properly, cleansed twice daily, and protected from any pulling or tugging or rubbing.
  3. It will be problematic to wear high-waist jeans or any garment that rubs the pierced area.
  4. It has high chances of contracting an infection.
  5. It will hurt initially while tumbling or flipping or doing anybody movements that affect the piercing.

So, if you have made your decision, let’s move on to the next section.

How can you protect your belly button piercing while cheering?

It is not allowed for a cheerleader to have any jewelry attached to the skin while cheering. As it is a serious sport, this discipline demands to be maintained. But even if you have gotten one, make sure you tape it and secure it properly so that the pierced place is not hurt.

You can use check out this tape which can help you get strength and also conceal your bellybutton piercing.

If your piercing has healed and you are comfortable removing the jewelry, then refrain from wearing it during cheer.

Another way to go about it would be getting it retained for the healing period, and then change it with a jewelry piece of your choice afterwards.

Does it hurt to tumble after having pierced your belly button?

Yes, it does. Tumbling contracts and relaxes the belly muscles extensively. There is a high chance of hurting yourself in the process.

Any movement that stretched the pierced area is going to hurt you. Belly buttons take time to heal. It can range from 6 weeks to 6 months, varying from person to person and very much dependent upon how you take care of it.

Continue to push yourself even after hurting. There might be a high chance of infection or worse, as belly buttons are studded over a thin layer of skin, it can tear away the skin. Even with bandages and retainers, it will hurt.

So it will best if one would not engage in rigorous practices immediately after getting a piercing, especially a belly button. Moves like cartwheels, tumbling, flipping-it all will delay the healing period and inflict more pain.

Things to be taken into consideration

There is a reason why athletes are forbidden to wear any jewelry or have piercings in most sports. The reason is solely due to accidents and health hazards. There have been many such incidents that I came across while doing my research.

There have been unfortunate instances, accidents where cheerleaders have been seriously injured and sometimes even had to be admitted to the hospital. 

The same applies to long nails. It can hurt your teammates really bad. If you aspire to build a long cheerleading career, it will not be easy with a belly piercing. Most competitions do not allow any skin attachments, of course, due to precautionary reasons for yourself and your teammates. This is done for preventing accidents in cheerleading.

Any injury or accident might facilitate infections or skin complications. There have been instances when people have experienced skin tears while bending backwards; it is a huge disadvantage for a sportsperson. Here arises a dilemma, you need to choose between getting one of your wishes fulfilled and having an excellent cheerleading career.

So, what could be done?

For instance, if you want to get your belly button pierced, you can be patient and wait until cheerleading is not your daily routine.

You could also ask your coach if it is okay for you to get piercings and use retainers or bandages. Check out this useful clear, flexible belly button ring retainer on amazon now. It could be useful for you.

Another way to go about it would be to get your piercing done in the offseason so that you could get enough time for your skin to heal (you got to be very confident about your immune system to take this decision).

If you have already got your piercing done and willing to remove it

There is a way to back out of this decision of yours. Then you can open the jewelry and consult a doctor. Although most of the times it leaves a scar, it will eventually heal completely. There are possibilities of infection or marks as well.

Final Thoughts

Deciding on getting your belly button pierced is a big one as it affects your health and body. No matter how fashionable that is if it causes suffering to you or people around you in any way, it is perhaps not worth it… especially in such a serious business of cheerleading. So, think wisely before getting those trinkets!

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